1. For backflow prevention, your gauge is the lifeblood of your business. We recommend that you have two gauges.  So that when one gauge is in for calibration, you always have an  operating gauge, so your business  is not put on hold.  This also guards against servicing of the “in for calibration” gauge uncovering more problems which extends the possibility of being out of commission for longer than you thought.
  2. When possessing 2 gauges, put them on a 6 month differential cycle from each other. For example: Gauge #1 Calibration month  January Gauge. #2 Calibration month July. Thus ensuring you’ll always have a gauge for business, in case the gauge in for calibration requires unforeseen  repairs.  In this example, If all your gauges are in for calibration with one or both requiring  possibly extensive repair, you may have no gauge in which to conduct your business uninterrupted.
  3. When you may be shipping your gauge, we suggest you always protect your instrument by over cushioning the box that surrounds the gauge.  Assume that the box will be dropped and your gauge would want to withstand that dropping.