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  • Wilkins Model 950XL Double Check Valve Assembly
  • Wilkins Model 950XL Double Check Valve Assembly

Wilkins 950 XL


This is a double check assembly. Production began in 1990. The 2 1/2″-10″ sizes were discontinued in 2004. The 3/4″-2″ size is a wye pattern glass filled noryl poppet style wye pattern check. The body is made of bronze. In 2010 the 950XL2 was introduced and made of lead free bronze. The check springs are not contained when the screw on cover cap is removed. There were three versions of check seats produced. The 950 version has a non-replaceable check seat. The model 950A had a replaceable bronze seat. The model 950 XL had a replaceable seat made of glass filled noryl. A seat removal tool was needed to change the seats. The check discs in the 950 XL were changed to silicon rubber.


  • Maximum working water pressure (175 PSI)

  • Maximum working water temperature (180°F)

  • Hydrostatic test pressure (350 PSI)

  • End connections Flanged (ANSI B1 .20.1)

Available Sizes:

– XL: 3/4″, 1″, 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″, 2″


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