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  • Watts Series 772 Double Check Valve Assemblies
  • Watts Series 772 Double Check Valve Assemblies

Watts 772


The 772 Series Double Check Valve Backflow Preventer is designed to prevent the reverse in water lines and to prevent polluted wate entering into the potable water system. This can be applied to a variety of installations whose degree of hazard is considered to be low termediate and where approved for specific irigations.


  • Resilient seated gate valve shutoffs
  • Replaceable bronze seats
  • Stainless steel internal parts
  • Maximum flow at low pressure drop
  • Compact for economy combined with PE
  • Design simplicity for easy maintenance
  • Ductile iron bodies for maximum strength

Available Sizes:

4″, 6″, 8″ , 1 O”


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