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  • Febco Model 825YA Reduced Pressure Assembly
  • Febco Model 825YA Reduced Pressure Assembly

Febco 825YA


The reduced pressure backflow preventer shall consist of two independently operating, spring loaded, “Y” pattern check valves and one hydraulically dependent differential relief valve. Should the differential between the upstream and the zone of the unit drop to 2 PSI, the differential relief valve shall open and maintain the proper differential.
Mainline valve body and caps including relief valve body and cover shall be bronze. Check valve moving members shall be center stem guided. Relief valve shall have a removable seat ring. Check valve and relief valve components shall be constructed so they may be serviced without removing the valve body from the line. All seat discs shall be reversible.
The assembly shall include flanged unions located between the mainline valve body and the ball valve shut-offs to allow for field removal for freeze protection or maintenance without danger of spool replacement. The assembly shall be constructed so all internal parts, including seat rings, can be serviced from the top or side or removed while assembly is in line. Relief valve assembly shall be of a modular design for ease of maintenance.

  • Installation versatility simplifies new and retrofit installations.
  • Eliminates pipe elbows, nipples and unions from the installation.
  • Reduces installation time, labor costs and materials.
  • Compact design simplifies retrofit.
  • Integral flanged union connections allow assembly to be removed from the line for freeze protection or maintenance without the danger of spool substitution.
  • Modular relief valve and check valve internal components for ease of maintenance. Smaller, less costly protective enclosures can be used to provide freeze protection and vandalism protection due to compact size of valve.
  • Field tested design for reliability and performance.
  • Replaceable relief valve seat ring for longer valve life.
  • Low head loss for optimum performance.

Available Sizes:

3/4″, 1″, 1 1/2″, 2″


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