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Badger B25 PL


For Measuring Water Flows in Chromatography Systems, Desalinization Equipment, Medical Systems, Photo Equipment, Water Treatment and Distribution, Aquaculture System, Commercial and Residential Potable Water. The Recordall Disc Series meters meet or exceed the most recent revision of AWWA Standard C700 and are available in a lead-free bronze alloy. The meters comply with the lead-free provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act, are certified to NSF/ANSI Standards 61 and 372 (Trade Designations: MLP-LL, M25-LL, M35-LL, M55-LL, M70-LL) and carry the NSF-61 mark on the housing. All components of the lead-free bronze alloy meter (housing, measuring element, seals, and so on) comprise the certified system


  • Typical Operating Range: 1/2-25 GPM
  • Low Flow: 1/4 GPM
  • Max Continuous Operation: 15 GPM
  • Pressure Loss at Max Continuous Operation: 2.8PSI at 15 GPM
  • MAx Operating Pressure: 150PSI
  • MAX Operating Temperature: 80*F (26*C)
  • Register Capacity: 10,000,000 Gallons

Available Sizes:

5/8″ x 3/4″

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