1. We are all NOT in just the backflow business, We are in the Backflow PREVENTION business. We help protect our nation’s water!
  2. A backflow is required by law to be tested by a certified backflow tester on that particular Water District’s approved tester list, once a year, every year.
  3. When getting your test equipment gauge calibrated, it should go through a full calibration that includes a “bubble tight” exam, not just an accuracy test. This shows the tester and water district that the certification is filed with, that your gauge has met the proper standards to test a backflow prevention device properly.  If it leaks, it is useless for testing backflows.  If the test gauge leaks, there is no way of knowing whether it is the gauge or the backflow assembly is causing the leak during testing.
  4. Your Test Gauge is NOT a tool!  it is an “instrument”!!
    • Your Test Gauge is a highly sensitive piece of equipment  that is instrumentally important to your backflow business. We recommend properly storing your gauge during non-use in foam lined carrying case to help absorb  the shock and pounding that it will take in your service truck.