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  • Pro-Master ASRP-4/4PM

Pro-Master ASRP-4/4PM


Mid-West’s Model 830 has been the benchmark of the industry for decades. Constant input from field testers led to many desiqn refinements and updated technology, and the creation of Model 845.

This new model features all the benefits you’ve come to expect from Mid-West kits and is available in 5-valve, 3-valve and 2-valve configurations. Model 845 also comes with a new spacious carrying case with external fitting/tool compartments.


  • Professional equipment with features no other testing equipment offers.
  • Gauges constructed entirely of brass and steel.
  • Units are triple tested before shipment.
  • Full scale certified calibration report indicating every pound reading furnished with every unit.
  • Removable from carry case. Hanger chain of 90 Ib. stainless steel provided.
  • Internally protected from water hammer.
  • Line pulsation greatly reduced.
  • Temperature compensated for varying conditions
  • No waiting for the gauge to adjust for accuracy.
  • Repairable needle valves, without special tools or equipment.

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